Guastavino vault

Guastavino: Vaulted Vision

Guastavino was once a household name among American architects. The Guastavino Company, led by a father-son team of Spanish immigrants, oversaw the construction of thousands of thin-tile vaults across the USA, including over 200 in New York City, between the 1880s and 1950s. From Grand Central Terminal’s Oyster Bar and Whispering Gallery to the Municipal Building to the Queensborough Bridge, New Yorkers walk amidst Guastavino … Continue reading Guastavino: Vaulted Vision

Nicole Nadeau's Nipple Tiles

Nicole Nadeau’s Nipple Tiles

US artist Nicole Nadeau, best known for A New Wave (2006), Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (2010) and Road Rage (2016), has used one of her own breasts to create a mould for a collection of hexagonal tiles. Nadeau created a single mould of her breast to form the tiles, which are cast in ceramic and mounted onto solid-surface material Corian.  Each tile … Continue reading Nicole Nadeau’s Nipple Tiles