One of the designs from the Dolce Vita collection by Vives

Cevisama: Viva Vives

Dolce Vita by Vives showing the Cestio Multicolor design
Dolce Vita by Vives showing the Cestio Multicolor design

One of my aims with Diary of a Tile Addict was to have a platform on which to immediately post up product highlights and breaking news from the world’s major tile exhibitions.

Cevisama 2017, which opened today, is my first opportunity to put this into practice.

Hopefully, Tile Addict’s followers will also be treated to my thoughts and discoveries at Revestir, Brazil; Coverings, USA; and Cersaie, Italy over the coming months.

It seems fitting that my first Cevisama post is about a Spanish manufacturer that I greatly admire: Vives.  My admiration for Vives stems from the company’s willingness to push the boundaries of design; to be a leader rather than a follower.  The in-house design team consistently demonstrates a really strong grasp of the requirements of today’s interior designers and architects … and are not afraid of exploring the avant garde, or seeking inspiration from unlikely sources, as the Strand range proved with its OSB aesthetic.

This year, I am highlighting the Dolce Vita collection: a multi-design range offering a fresh take on the decorative trend, with more than a nod to the enduring appeal of terrazzo, trencardis and stracciato.

Apologies for going into a lot of detail, but I think this collection has great commercial potential.

Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: Dolney-R Blanco and Mosaico Necci designs.

Dynamism and elegance blend harmoniously in Dolce Vita which merges periods and styles to create impressive spaces with a gentle yet dynamic spirit.

The Brenta floor tile range rejuvenates the ceramic tradition in a 200 by 200mm format and a matt finish, with designs full of colour and optimism.  There are two versions: Brenta Multicolor with cheerful geometric patterns that combine vivid hues with cement, and Brenta Humo with a more discreet touch made up of a range of grey tones.

In patchwork style, Argileto Multicolor floor tile features romantic pastel colours; while Argileto Blanco offers a more relaxed mood. Cestio Multicolor stands out for its breakthrough aesthetic that combines pastel colours, rich cement and marble fragments, creating original geometric compositions of classical inspiration.

Benaco porcelain tiles use the traditional 200 by 200mm format for encaustic-inspired designs in a matt finish.  Benaco, Carole, Pigneto, and Tercello are four monocolour decorated pieces with different classic designs.  Elaborate and full of charisma, they are available in five different colours.
Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: Molise and Farnese-R Grafito designs.

Heterogeneous and classy, the Farnese porcelain range features a base tile with slight touches of cement and stone.  It is available in four different colours: Humo, Cemento, Crema and Grafito in a matt finish.  The Amalfi porcelain tile boasts marble in small fragments It is available in two formats, 300 by 300mm, and a rectified version, and comes in a wide variety of colours.

Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: Cavour Azul and Amalfi-R Azul designs.

The series also has a wide range of interesting decorative designs. Gadner, in Crema or Cemento colours, and Cavour in Cemento or Azul, both have a strong personality and reinvent traditional graphics with a unique aesthetic.  Mancini is a classic design in many colour options that is in perfect harmony with contemporary interiors.  Other options include two patchwork designs: Quirinale  and Apulia.  These add a most joyful note with their light colours and intricate designs.

Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: Portofino-SPR Cemento design.

The Portofino range is inspired by the fifteenth century Venetian technique of mixing small fragments of coloured marble and cement obtaining a “stracciato” effect.  Available in three large formats (600 by 600, 800 by 800 and 593 by 1,193mm) it creates a feeling of spaciousness.

This porcelain tile design is available in four different soft neutral tones: Humo, Crema, Cemento and Grafito, perfect for commercial areas responding to the most contemporary trends. The three sizes are available in both a matt version and a semi-polished rectified version.

The series can also be combined with Taylor, a decorative brass design with an arrowhead feature, specifically designed for framing  rectified tiles.

Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: showing the Apulia-R Multicolor, Cies-R Rosa and Cies-R Humo designs.

The Cíes Wall tile series (320 by 990mm) offers a sense of visual continuity and homogeneity in matt finish.  Subtle graphics are available in neutral tones – Humo, Crema, Cemento and Grafito – to ensure intimate and warm results; and also in Beige, Mar, Rosa and Azul; colours that inject vitality into spaces where freshness and creative freedom reign.

Sica is a wall tile design with an attractive and stylish relief effects.  It is available in eight colours (Hueso, Crema, Grafito, Cemento, Beige, Mar, Rosa and Azul) to dress fresh and classy spaces. The Bardot Wall tile (320 by 99 0mm) completes the series.

This is an unusual design with touches of gold that exudes glamor in eight colours: Hueso, Crema, Grafito, Cemento, Beige, Mar, Rosa and Azul.

Inspired by marble the Lesolo-R Blanco Wall tile range has been designed to blend harmoniously with the different aesthetics forming the Dolce Vita collection. Delicate grey veins are carried through the walls of beauty in matt finish and a soft texture.

Dolce Vita by Vives
Dolce Vita by Vives: Borgo Multicolor, Corso Burdeos, Cies Humo and Portofino designs.

Smaller sizes also have a presence in the new Vives collection with the Corso Wall tile range in 100 by 200mm.   The gloss base tile provides cheerful colours (Hueso Caramelo, Gris, Turquesa, Burdeos, Antracita and Azul).

Pincio design has a subtle relief creating dynamic 3D effects and is available in a wide colour palette; while Borgo Multicolor is an exotic design that alternates the colours of the series with a white base.
Vives Ceramica

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