Tribal Tonality

Africa Now collection by Mosaico +
Africa Now collection by Mosaico +

Tribal art, whether from Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, has long influenced European tile designers, drawn to the earthy colours, rhythmic patterns and surprising juxtapositions.

However, all too often, something gets lost in the translation.  The vibrant spirit and sympathetic interpretation of the natural world seemingly diluted or lost altogether.


This is not the case with Africa Now by Mosaico+.  This concept features decisive graphic motifs and colourful geometries inspired by the designs and weaves of African fabrics reinterpreted in a modern key.  In this collection, an eclectic range of decorations blends with the stylistic trends of a cosmopolitan sensibility.

The Round Blue and Round Brown decors are created using 10 by 10mm Vetrina tiles in matt and gloss, and come in 2,289 by 2,289mm sheets.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2017.

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