Whiteness, Warp & Weft

Mosaico+ will celebrate the creative possibilities of mosaic at Milan Design Week by contributing to the White in the City project. Two of the company’s sumptuous design – Fabric and Pulsar – will feature in the striking Marie Claire Maison White Luxury installation, designed by Studio Marco Piva, that will be on show in the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Marie Claire Maison White Luxury by Studio Marco Piva
Marie Claire Maison White Luxury by Studio Marco Piva

White in the City will span across a range of locations exploring whiteness in all its chromatic and symbolic possibilities. Historically, white was a symbol of well being, sustainability and serenity, not a starting-point but a goal, affecting all design disciplines from architecture to the visual arts and from product design to fashion.

These ideas will be explored using mosaics: Mosaico+’s updated 10 by 10mm Fabric tesserae and the Pulsar collection designed for the company by Giugiaro Design.

Studio Marco Piva has used the Fabric modules, in shades of white, both as a material in its own right and for its ability to reflect and alter images of the materials and furniture around it.  A shower of tesserae flowing down from the ceiling will be used to create an original light effect.  The design also has a strong sense of movement, emphasised by the Crono Pulsar collection in shades of white and grey.

Pulsar, made from 95% recycled sintered glass, comprises irregular 3D tesserae placed close together, mounted on a glass fibre mesh.  Due to the 3D shape and virtual absence of joints, Mosaico+ says that this material, which comes in 948 by 981mm modules, should be laid without grouting.

Pulsar by Mosaico+
Design drawing showing the profile of the Pulsar range

Colour density and complex geometry characterise the rounded Pulsar design, which suggests soft weaves.  Completed installations offer three-dimensionality and movement. The gloss surface, designed with the basic element of the mosaic tile, are simple yet refined.

In Fabric, Mosaico+ offers a wide range of 10 by 10mm tesserae in a choice of colours. The range offers brightness, airiness and elegance. The impression created is that of a hand-woven fabric, in which warp and weft of gloss and matt pieces, in contrasting or matching shades, create a texture of variable density. With this range Fabric becomes more architecture than accessory; a daring statement rather than a fine detail. The collection is inspired by American Modernism, from the structural purity of George Nelson’s designs through the functionalism found in the creations of Charles and Ray Eames. Fabric defines spaces by drawing perpendicular trajectories, creating a pattern of hypothetical structural lines.


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