Marazzi Makes A Move

The new Marazzi showroom in St John's Street, Clerkenwell
The new Marazzi showroom in St John Street, Clerkenwell

Top Italian tile brand Marazzi, a leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector, will launch its first showroom in London at the end of May 2017, in the heart of Clerkenwell, one of London’s design hubs.  With this opening, Marazzi aims to enhance its presence in the UK market and reinforce its reputation among international architects and interior designers working in the capital.

The new Marazzi showroom in St John's Street, Clerkenwell
The new Marazzi showroom in St John’s Street, Clerkenwell

On the occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week 23rd to 25th May), Marazzi will welcome its guests to its new 3.200 sq. ft. showroom in St. John Street.  The black and white entrance, a sort of monumental portal that creates a theatrical space and a new internal façade, gives the visitors a bottleneck perspective of the main ground floor.  Stepped volumes resemble fragments of pyramids rising in the corners of the rooms towards the ceiling present ceramic materials in an innovative way.  Each pyramid step is made of different porcelain stoneware tiles: concrete look, marble look and stone look tied together thanks to an overarching palette.


The first floor is a flexible working area, a bright open space in between an artist atelier and an architectural studio where a snaking table twists and turns across the room creating corners suitable for individual as well as team work.  Ceramic mood boards run along the original fair faced brickwork wall giving an appealing overview of ceramic tile collections.

The three showroom floors offer ample evidence of Marazzi’s flair for research and experimentation.  Covered with the brand new collections, this elegant space gives visitors an insight into the top quality materials and cutting-edge creativity of the brand.

The new Marazzi showroom in St John Street, Clerkenwell
The new Marazzi showroom in St John Street, Clerkenwell

The Marazzi showroom was designed by Italian architects Lorenzo Baldini and Antonio Pisano, founders and directors of London-based design firm Marcel Mauer Architects.  Both professionals boast a long-term experience in urban design, urban regeneration and residential, with a special focus on sustainable design, which is one of Marazzi’s strengths.

Mauro Vandini, Marazzi’s Chief Executive, commented: “We are very proud of this new opening in the most iconic and artistic district of London such as Clerkenwell. This new showroom wants to be not only a showcase of our products but also a creative networking hub for retailers, clients, architects and designers from all over the world.  We aim to offer avant-garde creativity and inspiration to all those international professionals who will be visiting the showroom from today onwards.”

Full coverage of Marazzi’s new London showroom can be found in Tile & Stone Journal, June 2017, Page 5 or online at

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