Magnificent Mizner

Fountain by Mizner Industries
Fountain by Mizner Industries

For me, one of the great attractions of tile making is that virtually anyone can do it. The basic materials are plentiful and widely available, the manufacturing process is simple to understand and the firing process can be as primitive as an open fire.

Waterline installation by Mizner Industries
Waterline installation by Mizner Industries

This means, of course, that if you want to make a tile (of sorts) you can. I  suspect that this ease of entry has helped to attract talent to tile making.

However, just as in any craft or art, it is one thing to make a tile, quite another to design and produce a great tile.  This requires skill, knowledge and great application. But, above all, it requires inspiration.

For Brenda Jean Lusher, that inspiration was provided by her great admiration for the work of renowned self-taught architect Addison Cairns Mizner. A skilled artisan in her own right, in 1998 Lusher affirmed her passion for Old World Style by resurrecting the original company of Mizner Industries; the original having closed in the 1950s.

Dedicating it to the personal craftsmanship for which Addison Mizner was known, Mizner Industries custom designs and paints decorative tiles for domestic and commercial projects in the style of Addison Mizner, as well as other global styles of tile.

From the outset Lusher was fascinated with Mizner’s generous hand-painted tiles and began recreating the Spanish and Portuguese tile designs that Mizner popularised.  Along the way she has found that the demand for unique designs continuously adds to Mizner Industries’ already diverse portfolio.

Underwater mural installation by Mizner Industries
Underwater mural installation by Mizner Industries

Based in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, what distinguishes Mizner Industries are meticulous attention to detail, desire for perfection and aesthetic authenticity.  This a one-of-a-kind tile studio also holds an extensive library of historic books and photos that allows it to supply authentic traditional designs or assist in the development of a tile to meet a customer’s individual needs and specifications.

Today Mizner Industries collaborates with architects, designers, builders and homeowners to create bold decorative tiles, plain field tiles and trims.  These are then used on kitchen splashbacks, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, fountains, niches, stair risers, bathrooms and fireplaces.

Over the years the company has developed the expertise and experience to serve as both consultant and artisan.  It has achieved a solid reputation for its deep-rooted commitment to customer service and quality workmanship: word of mouth remains the company’s greatest advertisement.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2017.

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