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Sometimes the tile world can leave me almost speechless.  And, for this post, the zip-lip factor is that Tile Addict’s post of 27th July has become wonderful reality.

If you recall the post in Question – Trending: Tin Ceiling Tiles –  I wrote: “You may be wondering why Tile Addict is devoting so much space to tin ceiling tiles. Well, here’s the answer. As I work my way through all the pre-Cersaie press information, I know we will see timber-effects, faux marbles, geometrics, plank formats, and simulated concrete in Bologna this year: but what will be at the cutting edge of design? What will be 2017’s equivalent of 2016’s terrazzo and trencadis tiles? And every time I ask myself this question, I come up with the same answer: antique and distressed metallics.  And what could be more on-trend in today’s interior marketplace than ceramic tiles that mimic the patina, care-worn metallic tones and sophisticated relief patterns of reclaimed antique tin ceiling tiles? Watch this space!

Well, you need watch no more, because the innovative design studio at Refin, so often at the cutting edge of ceramic tile development, has done it again.  They have filled my ‘space’ with the new Voyager collection that offers faux tin tiles, with beautifully aged and patinated finishes, in ceramic tile form.  The result is a porcelain tile that closely resembles the beautiful tin ceilings so popular in New York at the turn of the last century and now highly sought after.

Refin's new Voyager collection of faux tins tiles
Refin’s new Voyager collection of faux tins tiles

Originally an affordable alternative to the elaborate plasterwork seen in European buildings, today the aged tin ceilings are coveted in style circles for their cool, characterful appeal.  Refin has masterfully captured the essence of these American architectural gems with their rich patinas and aged effects in easy-to-maintain porcelain tile form.  In this superb range, Ceiling Mix and Ceiling White (shown above) are accompanied by four beautiful plain patinated metal style finishes.

It’s great to be proved right.  I can’t wait to see these tiles in the flesh at Cersaie.

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