Provençal Proposal

Riga by Realonda
Riga by Realonda

Following on from yesterday’s post about colour, form and fun at Cevisama; more of the same.  As well as a veritable feast of fish-scale tiles (already covered by Tile Addict), Realonda offered a modern take on another classic shape, the Provençal tile.

Riga Patchwork by Realonda
Riga Patchwork by Realonda

Riga features 450 by 450mm tiles (nominal size) each comprising four interlocking Provençal pieces.  Suitable for both floor and wall applications, this red body stoneware range has two design options: the plainish Riga Concrete, and the colourful and exuberant Riga Patchwork.  The latter comes in over 30 different designs and is achingly on-trend … just the type of tile one would expect to see being used in a new Hoxton tapas bar or über cool Milan coffee house.

Riga Patchwork by Realonda
Riga Patchwork by Realonda

Obscure Realonda fact number one.  When the company was founded, more than 80 years ago, it was known as El Tercio (The Third).  I have no idea if this refers to a mathematical fraction or a Spanish infantry unit (both possibilities according to Google translates).  Whatever, the company was renamed Realonda in 1952 and has since invested consistently in new production technology in order to develop bold and beautiful ranges like Riga, Yara, Coda and Scale.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2018.

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