Feature Floor Fashion

Laura Ashley Mr. Jones by British Ceramic Tile
Laura Ashley Mr. Jones by British Ceramic Tile

Bold and bright, or discreet and understated; whatever the style, sales of feature floor tiles are on the up and outselling plain floor tiles, claims British Ceramic Tile.  The brand has reported a 70% sales increase of patterned floor tile in retail channels over the last year (2017 to 2018), with its feature floor and designer collections proving a sure fire hit with consumers.  The Laura Ashley Mr. Jones in both Charcoal and Dove Grey, and Ted Baker Partridge are two of the company’s top selling floor tiles, closely followed by British Ceramic Tile’s signature Devonstone range in Grey.

Devonstone by British Ceramic Tile
Devonstone by British Ceramic Tile

The sales numbers are indicative of the UK’s continued love affair with cool grey tones and striking repeat patterns, with sales set to continue.  British Ceramic Tile is encouraging all retailers to embrace consumer demand for patterned floors in the home, showcasing the wide range of designs on offer through showroom displays and inspirational lifestyle photography.

Ted Baker Partridge by British Ceramic Tile
Ted Baker Partridge by British Ceramic Tile

Head of Retail Marketing and Brand, Jayne Adamson, says: “Consumer tastes have changed and surfaces are becoming a key focus within all rooms, especially floors.  Many of us want a statement floor that reflects our style and individual personality, but that still delivers practically, withstanding wear and tear.  This is where ceramic tiles come in to their own.  The playful pattern trend we’ve seen this year is very much driving sales. Consumers now have the confidence to make bold changes to their home, bringing pattern and texture to floors in a big way.  Grey is a classic colourway, and one set to stay, so when retailers are looking at what ranges to stock, they should think about some strong graphic patterns in cool neutral grey tones to satisfy demand from customers.”

Well suited to almost all living areas in the home such as the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, feature floor tiles deliver plenty of practical benefits.  They are easy to cut and install, as well as being simple to maintain for homeowners, with no special treatment required.  The most popular collections are those with a repeating individual pattern that involves very little planning when laying the tiles.  These designs are also being used creatively to zone areas within the home, for example dividing the dining room space from the kitchen or creating a rug-style effect.

“Use feature floor tiles in small areas, for example, the area in front of reception, your entrance to the store, or even a full feature floor in a bathroom display,” says Jayne.  “It’s all about giving consumers inspiration and confidence.  Displays that showcase the wide range of designs you have available are also worthwhile, together with lots of stunning lifestyle photography. All of the above will support sales in store and tap into this hugely important feature floors trend.”

More at: https://www.britishceramictile.com

British Ceramic Tile is the UK’s leading ceramic and glass tile manufacturer.  The company offers a design-led portfolio of wall and floor tiles, supplying directly to national and independent tile retailers, housebuilders and specifiers, as well as export markets.  Tile Addict would like to hear if British Ceramic Tile’s views on the current popularity of feature floor tiles tallies with the reader’s own experience.  Please send any feedback, including images, to tileuk@aol.com.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, August 2018.

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