Yaki Doressa Beju from Viva (800x800mm)

Outdoor Oak and Cindered Cedar

This week Tile Addict is taking a look at ten stunning new ranges from Ceramics of Italy members that we are likely to see next week at Coverings.

Wood-effect tiles are today’s focus, and we have two incredibly different interpretations of the wood-look to share.  Supergres takes a traditional approach with their Ekho series, creating porcelain stoneware flooring that mimics natural oak.  Their new large pieces (12″ by 96″ or 300 by 2,400mm) help realise the wooden imitation and the variations in colour seen in real oak are represented throughout the collection.

Ekho Gold from Supergres

There are three colour options to choose from; Silk which represents the lightest oak shades; Gold, providing a warm wood-look; and Nut.  Like natural wood, each shade brings character and comfort to interior settings alongside both traditional and modern furnishings and styles.  Available in a textured surface that is slip-resistant, frost proof, and non-absorbent, this wood-look can also be used outside the home.


From VIVA the wood-look is entirely different.  Their Yaki collection draws on the Japanese art of burning cedar, Shou Sugi Ban, which increases the wood’s durability and leaves a waterproof surface.  Yaki Kuro provides that effect perfectly with its dark finish and crackled texture.

Yaki Kuro from Viva (200x1200mm)
Yaki Kuro from Viva (200x1200mm)

Variations on this wood-burning effect are found throughout the range in more subtle forms. Yaki Shiro, although white, displays the effect of wood that has been burnt and then painted through marks and cracks on the surface.  Yaki Beju’s take on burnt cedar is that which has been burnt and then brushed, the effect of which is warm, comforting wood in varied shades.  Combining both the burning, brushing and painting is Yaki Gurè which gives the look of wood which has been burnt, brushed and painted grey.

Yaki Beju from Viva (200x1200mm)
Yaki Beju from Viva (200x1200mm)

Not only are these beautiful wood-looks available in plank form (200 by 1,200mm and 100 by 300mm or 8in by 48in and 4in by 12in), but additionally in decor element Doressa. These tiles not only showcase the incredible textures of burnt wood, but feature a distinctive insert inspired by the Japanese firing process of Raku.

Yaki Doressa Shiro from Viva (800x800mm)
Yaki Doressa Shiro from Viva (800x800mm)
Yaki Doressa Beju from Viva (800x800mm)
Yaki Doressa Beju from Viva (800x800mm)

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