Greg Natale composite bisizza glass mosaic design

Organic meets Geometric

From Australian designer Greg Natale comes a range that mixes unpredictable natural shapes and highly ordered geometry to produce The Composite Collection. Created for Italian luxury design brand Bisazza, this creative set of mosaics offers a distinctively organic appearance whilst maintaining something of the modern and robotic.

Greg Natale composite bisizza glass mosaic design
New Malachite Rose (10x10mm on 1291x1291mm)

The four decorative patterns take inspiration from a range of natural forms, including coral and minerals. The final designs are abstracted, creating ambiguous shapes that could be interpreted various ways. Natale sought to explore these wild motifs and succeeds in selecting irregular patterns that can be imaged a raft of different ways.

Moire Black (10x10mm on 1291x2905mm)

Moire, as the name implies, is Natale’s mosaic from of the transient optical effect. In creating a tangible representation, this often ungraspable sight becomes something unknown and the mind finds its nearest equivalent to comprehend. As a result, it can appear as sound waves or the grain of timber.

As a throwback to his native Australia, Natale’s Groove takes its inspiration from the brain coral of the Great Barrier Reef. By creating a 2D form from its originally rounded 3D shape, it appears to become something else entirely. The sprawling lines look like a cross section of underground tunnels, or a river pattern.

Groove Rose (10x10mm on 1291x2905mm)

The ability to interpret and reinterpret these designs continues with New Malachite. Clearly taken from the internal structure of Malachite, these mosaics’ swirling circles in varied hues is reminiscent of amoeba, or fungi. As so many of these organic shapes appear time after time throughout nature, it is no a surprise they can be seen as many different things. Natale’s attractive range of glass mosaics spike intrigue, and highlight the beauty of irregularity.

Greg Natale composite bisizza glass mosaic design
New Malachite Green (10x10mm on 1291x1291mm)

The organic shapes of The Composite Collection challenge the monotony of square mosaic sheets and create decoration for both floor and walls that is up for interpretation. They come predominantly in grey scale and pale pink hues, although the bold green of the gemstone is available for New Malachite.

Greg Natale

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