All in a Glaze Work

One thing that can transform a tile from humdrum to extraordinary is its glaze – not only there to add shine, but also to create exciting effects like craquelure or iridescence. One company has made glaze its focus, expanding its collection by experimenting with furnace temperature and mineral reactions.

blue brick glaze Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum
Construction project by Havermans : Hielkema architects in Tuinzigtlaan in Breda

Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum use natural pigments and minerals, and persistent research, to develop their stunning range of glazes. With Beyond Glazing they take their standard 130mm by 130mm white tiles to act as a base for their exploration. Their selection of ‘whites’ is a clear example of the variety of effects produced – from standard matt and gloss, to mother of pearl, and iridescent white and light blue.

Their crackle-effect glazes are featured on their boldly coloured tiles. Green, blue, yellow, and brown all carry the subtly cracked surface giving body and individuality, warmth and age to the selection.

tile crackle glaze effect
Transparent Yellow Ochre with Crackle Glaze (129x129mm)

However the star here has to be their range of what could be called metal-look and iridescent tiles. Dark Gold and Matt Nickel take direct inspiration from their namesake, adding bling and soft silver. But the metallic qualities don’t stop there: Dark Brown, Iridescent Warm Grey, Grey Brown, and Iridescent Green-Blue all have a sheen that catches the light.  The warmth of iron features in the brown hued tiles and the look of polished metal appears in the others.  The electric look of petrol makes Iridescent Green-Blue a stand-out piece, with deep blue patches, rainbow shades, and textural variation.

tile crackle glaze effect
Iridescent Green-Blue

The tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are frost-resistant. Due to the abundance of effects available, they have been specified for many different building projects.  From bricks that capture 13 shades of blue, a custom metallic black glaze, and an enormous dome clad in 3D wedge shaped tiles in white/blue hues, this company takes their glazes to another level.

tile crackle glaze effect
Uitbreiding Museum de Fundatie
custom black metallic glaze
Villa Sagalid (private home)

Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum

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