budri showroom Patricia Urqiola marble design interior

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Earlier this year Milan welcomed another showstopping showroom to their streets. Located at Foro Buonaparte 60, right in the heart of the city, leading marble masters Budri can be found. Patricia Urqiuola, one of the brands creators and collaborators, and renowned architect and designer was enlisted to design the space.

budri showroom Patricia Urqiola marble design interior

The idea was for the showroom to be more than a display centre, but to act as a space for architects, designers, and creatives to meet and form ideas. The space is highly inspiring, demonstrating the range of products and applications created by Budri’s design team. The elegance and beauty of marble refined and manipulated into incredible floor and wall surfaces.


One incredible piece, the Agata Carpet, stands out as a unique and intriguing statement piece. Individually created gem cross-sections comprised of varied shades of marble in large bubbling shapes look awesome and otherworldly, and perfectly demonstrates the personality of the material, which is so often solemn and subdued.


The entire showroom covers three floors in its 350 m² space. The ground floor shows the design collections and contains a lounge area. The ‘marble library’ is found in the basement, demonstrating the wonders of marble and onyx, and business meetings are given a space on the mezzanine.


Patricia Urquiola

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