Five companies to keep an eye on V

We’ve got five more companies to share, all fantastically unique, and all with something special to find.

1. Tabarka Studio

A company specialising in the authentic charm of traditional tiles, Tabarka Studio offers the very best of terracotta. Shapes, textures, relief, patterns, and motifs all have a home here, with each tile creating tremendous presence and a whole lot of style.

2. Tajimi Custom Tiles

This incredible Japanese company offers some of the finest glaze and textural effects of the tile world. Not only do their designs implement years of unique and traditional firing techniques, but they are also open to interpretation and customisation, with Tajimi placing the brush of creativity firmly in their consumer’s hands.

3. Lundhs

Founded in 1962 in Larvik, Norway, Lundhs As has been sharing the beauty of local natural stone larvikite with the public for generations. Their 100% natural stone collections demonstrate the sheer beauty of the organic world, forming spaces and places with detail and passion.

4. Céleste Mogador

A brand focused more on fashion than fixtures, French jewellery company Céleste Mogador still has a little something to offer a Tile Addict. This small collection of cement tiles is awash with personality, vibrant tones and patterns featuring geometric shapes, birds, and flowers.

5. Rookwood

Cincinnati-based Rookwood has a penchant for funky shapes. The company’s team of highly skilled artisans work their ceramic magic on all things from kichenware to candlesticks, and from crockery to tiles. Colour and relief have their day amongst the collections with classic shapes mingling amongst unsual swirls and intricate decors.

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