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Adding to the awesome list of surface producers utilising discarded materials is Plasticiet. Founded by Marten van Middelkoop and Joost Dingemans, the aim of the company was to make use of the massive amounts of plastic waste, creating something useful and durable. By using old products like garden furniture and buckets, they save the controversial material from landfill, and reduce the amount of raw material used to create new products.

Plasticiet recycled plastic surface terrazzo
Entrance Desk @ Interieur Biennale Kortrijk 2018 with Studio Verter

The Rotterdam based company was started just last year. Their website features seven surfaces with varied colours, including season-inspired Spring and Autumn (both sold out). Each material is displayed with reference to the recycled products within them, and descriptions are given for consumers to understand where they have come from.


Blizzard and Nova are each manufactured using old buckets and pig farm post-production waste. Each have drastically different looks, with Blizzard being predominantly white and speckled with black, and Nova which moves away from the terrazzo style for more of a shooting star/artistic brush stroke/marble vein appearance. Blizzard is advertised as being ideal for non-constructive purposes, bendable at reduced thicknesses, and soft to the touch.

Plasticiet recycled plastic terrazzo surface

Greyish comes from contaminated injection moulding waste, where plastics have been accidentally mixed together. They are no longer suitable for industrial use, but are ideal for use as this highly varied surface material. Chocolate Factory is delightfully made form discarded chocolate factory moulds. This bubblegum surface offers a pop of colour and a fun backstory.

Plasticiet recycled plastic terrazzo surface
Chocolate Factory

Each surface is made from 100% recycled materials and come in thicknesses of 10mm or 20mm. The sheets come with a rough edge and a slight oversize margin. The ease with which the products can be worked with are stated at the bottom of each material description. They can be manufactured into furniture, wall tiles, countertops, and more.


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