Mutina Rombini Bouroullec brothers design

Bouroullec Brothers Bring Brilliance

Rombini brings together 3D relief and mosaics, creating a stunning range of options for awesome interior effects. Designed for Mutina by the Bouroullec brothers, Ronan and Erwan, their signature colours can be combined numerous ways, creating classy spaces with a little je ne sais quoi.

Mutina Rombini Bouroullec brothers design
Triangle Small Blue (189x315mm)

The grey, white, blue, green, and red have a familiar tone, both soft and earthy, and extremely sophisticated. The standout pieces are the 3D triangle tiles which create dramatic shadows and an appealing texture. There are both small and large versions- referring to the width of the triangle’s base, which sit five or three pieces on a net.

Rombini Mutina Bouroullec brothers tile design
Triangle Large White, Triangle Small Red, Triangle Small Grey, Losange White, Carré Light Red, Carré Uni Red, and Triangle Small Green
Mutina Rombini Bouroullec brothers design
Carré Uni Green

Carré and Losange offer delightful companions for the three-dimensional tiles. In the same colour palette, small and large diamond shapes are produced which can be used to continue the tile composition seamlessly across the room. With Losange, the 3D Triangle tiles fit perfectly into the pattern, whilst Carré adds some intensity and depth to the colour palette.

Mutina Rombini Bouroullec brothers design
Triangle Large Red and Losange White
Mutina Rombini Bouroullec brothers design
Losange White, Triangle Small White, and Losange Green

Both Losange and Carré are offered in solid colour, and for Losange the white version provides the option for colour to fill the grout lines for a softer effect. Losange comes in a 275 by 275mm sheet and Carré comes as a 400 by 400mm slab. Each individual Small Triangle is 315 by 35 by 22mm, and the Large are 315 by 60 by 22mm, both come on a 186 by 315mm net.

Ronan & Ewan Bouroullec Design

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