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Paul Ceramiche presented one of the most colourful selections of jungle print tiles at Cersaie with their Yes! Collection – offerring a whole range of bright colours in variations of green, blue, red, orange, and yellow, and a pattern that was solely leafy in nature. It was one of the most effective presentations of a jungle themed range, with demonstrations of its use in interior settings (alongside plain block colour tiles) that showed its character and ability to brighten spaces.

Paul Ceramiche Cersaie colourful jungle print
Yes! Collection Green (426x1192mm)
Paul Ceramiche Cersaie colourful jungle print
Yes! Collection colour options (426x1192mm)

The company’s Enjoy range also has a nod to the tropical. Although the imagery is predominantly floral patterns, a lovely jungle leaf look tile with a watercolour effect and lively on trend colours was presented.

Paul Ceramiche Cersaie colourful jungle print
Enjoy Collection
paul ceramiche cersaie 2019 tropical tile
Paul Ceramiche leaf print tile

Ceracasa‘s designs had a more muted palette with classic blues and greens and a simple leaf print. The white background and blue/green leaf motif takes a similar approach to the Paul Ceramiche design shown above, however the art style of each shows a very clear distinction between the two. This tile was presented alongside a collection with various pattern ideas including mandalas and peacocks, but the jungle leaves were front and centre.

Ceracasa leaf print tile

Tile Addict found two interesting interpretatinos of the jungle theme at the Energie Ker stand. The large scale Decoro slabs Eden and Extreme Kaleidoscope are completely different with Eden acting as a demonstration of tropical colours and florals in oranges, reds, and purples, and Extreme Kaleidoscope segmenting a palm leaf pattern with coloured sections that also somehow provide some movement.

Eden tropical floral tile slab cersaie
Kaleidoscope tropical floral tile slab cersaie
Kaleidoscope (1200x2700mm)

A very different incorporation of the theme comes from Keramin. Their Chester tiles in greyscale and beige options have a woven fabric-like texture and a tropical leaf pattern that is extremely simple showing that designs do not have to be detailed and intricate to be a part of the jungle theme.

Chester greyscale jungle print textured wall tile cersaie 2019
Chester (600x300mm)

Most of the tiles we have covered have been reasonably large, allowing space for the impressive jungle flora. But Nanda Tiles decided on a smaller format for their tropical tiles. Playing on the mix and match trend that has been present with a variety of other patterns, the Affiniti range offers partial leaf prints that can be combined with one another to create a mix and match wall of tropical flora. It is surpisingly effective, imitating the random nature of a jungle.

jungle print small format tile Affiniti Amalfi Grey (200x200mm)
Affiniti Amalfi Fendi Grey (200x200mm)

Paul Ceramiche
Energie Ker
Nanda Tiles

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