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Partners in light play

Metallic tiles and pearlescents both bring something magical to the tile world. The way they play with light and change colour offers a new experience each time they are viewed. At Cersaie many companies incorporated these two effects into their ranges, each presenting something a little different.

Ceramica Rondine showcased a standard industrial style with Oxyd. Their range of metal-look tiles varies from rusty browns to paler whites, greens, and greys. Each have a subtle sheen on their surface which contrasts the worn, vintage textures.

rondine metal look tiles cersaie 2019
Oxyd Corten and White

41zero42 presented a series of skinny format pearlescent tiles with Spectre. These holographic tiles offer a spectrum of glossy pastels in three shades (Milk, Cream, Rose, Sky), each adding something a little sweet and delicate, especially when used alongside a matt finish.

skinny format pearlescent tile 41zero42
Wall Spectre Sky Matt and Spectre Sky Hologram (50x250mm)

Pecchioli Firenze had an incredible stand with so much to see, and has provided two delightful additions to the list. The beautiful cracked surface of Cotto del Mugello takes on a raft of identities with a multitude of colours, a textured surface, and a layered metallic quality. In contrast, the modern appearance of the 3D pearlescent tiles offer variety in their size, shape, and relief, producing a highly impactful feature wall that reveals more each time you look.

pearlescent 3d tiles trend cersaie 2019 pecchioli
Cotto del Mugello
pearlescent 3d tiles trend cersaie 2019 pecchioli
I Tridimensionali

Metallics were used in a few decor tiles on the Elios Ceramica stand with their Victory range incorporating planet themed decoro options in richly coloured patterned metallic skinny format pieces. Their Floreal Mix have slight metallic accents skirting around the curved shapes, adding a touch of depth and glamour. A new range that was being shown in two colours (blue and pink) used a textured petrol shimmery metallic to highlight the decor pieces. The tiles worked equally well en masse or scattered throughout a wall of simpler tiles.

Elios Ceramica Cersaie metallic effect tiles 2019
Victory Petrol and Decoro Trame Uranus (61x370mm)
Elios Ceramica Cersaie metallic effect tiles 2019
Foreal Mix
Elios Ceramica Cersaie metallic effect tiles 2019

A treasure trove of pearly, glossy, and inky tiles was found in Life Ceramica with their Retro and Dreams collections. Retro’s simple metal-look tiles in three colours (Copper, Steel, and Golden) are a clear addition to this selection of eye-catching creations. Dreams is on another level with a whole raft of ethereal light-dancing colour options, from red, to dark petrol blues, to pale and delicate pearlescent pastels.

Life Ceramica metallic tiles cersaie 2019
Retro Gold
Life Ceramica metallic pearlescent tiles cersaie 2019
Dreams Rojo
Life Ceramica metallic pearlescent tiles cersaie 2019
Dreams Azul and Blanco

Ceramica Rondine
Pecchioli Firenze
Elios Ceramica
Life Ceramica

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