Form Fitted Fixtures

After a month of inpsiration from Cersaie, it only seems right to look to something a little different for a while. We have a few unique and incredible artists and projects to share – a whole raft of wonderful work with tiles, mosaics, and more.


First up are these awesome form fitted fixtures from Portuguese artist Dalila Gonçalves. In Blankenbergue Square, Belgium, a collection of curious shapes gather – a scattered family of boulders collectively named “Kneaded Memory” – designed to comment on the fading use of architectural decoration, particularly in regards to traditional materials (such as tiles) and decorative façades. Many modern buildings have lost the charm of detail and intrigue in favour of crisp finishes and concrete.


In response, these rough forms each partially feature a selection of ceramic tiles, perfectly moulded to their shape. Taking inspiration from Gonçalves’ own Portuguese heritage, and that of the Blankenbergue region, the tiles are at home and making their mark. Using knowledge of traditional Portuguese ceramic tile craftmanship, and a selection of patterns from the local area, the two are expertly combined in this intriguing, multifaceted mash-up.


With the reminder of decorative heritage in mind, the installation re-ignites the imagination and restores a little of the cultural influence that has been lost or grown faint with time.

“Kneaded Memory”, Beaufort04, Belgium, 2012 / Public ART, Porto Cit, Portugal, 2015
Hand painted ceramic tiles moulded on cement volumes.
Variable Dimensions.

Dalila Gonçalves

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