Blackpool Butts

Although not strictly ceramics, these artworks deserve a mention in the Tile Addict Hall of Talent. With a particular message in mind, and a very unusual crafting material a large variety of mosaics have been created by this gifted retried pharmacist.

cigarette art mosaics

Over his lifetime Negweny El Assal has collected hundreds of thousands of cigarette ends after seeing a seagull drink from a puddle polluted with them. Not only was his desire to prevent local wildlife from consuming this polluted water, but also to make a point about the dangers of smoking.


By painstakingly detatching the filters from the paper and attatching each discarded piece to his canvas with toothpaste he has created numerous impressive designs, including images of animals, anti-smoking signs, and even Blackpool tower.


Assal hopes that his artworks, of which there are now more than 50, will help challenge European rules on plastic pollution (especially as, he states, many people do not know cigarette filters are plastic and not cotton). He also seeks to make a change in the tobacco industry, demonstrating ways to takle the pollution issue, and also aims to provide 1,400 cigarette bins to local companies to encourage proper disposal.


As of the 27th September the Blackpool Circus Room began it’s display of Negweny’s Seagull Freedom Gallery/Cigarette Waste Art Gallery. More information here.

Cigarette Waste Gallery and Educational Centre

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2019.

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