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Established in Marbella in 1998, G. Vega Ceramica has been making beautiful things for two decades.  Their speciality is bespoke design, with three international designers (Spanish, Swiss, and Scottish) comprising the creative team. They hand-craft and hand-paint each tile in their Marbella workshop, offering personalised designs of the highest quality from their skillful and labour intensive process.

G Vega unique hand crafted tile designs
Ceramic Wall Hanging Embrace
G Vega unique hand crafted tile designs
Ceramic Wall Hanging Blind Date

Their products range from circular murals, to ceramic animal figure ornaments, to unique works of ceramic art. They paint predominantly with a vibrant aqua marine turquoise and stunning shades of blue, although they complement the ranges with earthier browns and paler tones.

G Vega hand crafted ceramic tilesIMG_1871
Their ceramic wall art, murals, and art installations showcase their extraordinary skill with works in a multitude of styles, from surreal and abstract, to traditional and artful. Their ‘standard’ square tiles are intricate artworks in and of themselves, with detailed relief and stunning pattern work in their signature turquoise, as well as in subtler colour combinations.

circles-wall copy

This level of intricacy is also achieved with their circular tiles which are offered in sets of varied shapes and sizes to enable the creation of stunning features, or individually as large decor pieces.  Everything this company produces is beyond description, the joy for their craft is evident in each piece, and their exceeding skill is out of this world.


G. Vega Ceramica

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