Glorious G.Vega

Established in Marbella in 1998, G. Vega Ceramica has been making beautiful things for two decades.  Their speciality is bespoke design, with three international designers (Spanish, Swiss, and Scottish) comprising the creative team. They hand-craft and hand-paint each tile in their Marbella workshop, offering personalised designs of the highest quality from their skillful and labour intensive process. Continue reading Glorious G.Vega

Tiling Thesaurus: Q – S

I’m away on holiday until the 13th February, so I’ll leave you with some tile humour. Well, it may be humour! Quality: Obsolete. Term once used by a handful of manufacturers, now superseded by β€œacceptable”. Quantity: Number of tiles required as calculated independently by customer and fixer. It is standard industry practice for retailers to take larger figure (fixer’s) and add 25%. Quantity surveyor: End … Continue reading Tiling Thesaurus: Q – S