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As we’re coming towards the end of the year, it only seems appropriate to outline what can be expected in the tile world in 2020. We’ve scoured many trends lists, and drawn from our extensive exploration at Cersaie to compile our very own 2020 tile trends.


One colour in particular has been heralded as one to look out for, and its a slightly subtler hue than the bold colour that has dominated many areas of interior design this year. Sage Green, or ‘Neo Mint’, is tipped to be the next big thing, replacing millenium pink as an all-round favourite. Terracotta comes in close behind, adding warmth and tradition to the colour palette, and combined with the cool green tones offers a retro 70s feel. Rust, calamine, cantaloupe have also been offered as alternative to this warm shade. Black, whites, and neutral griege are set to remain firm favourites, presenting a clear backdrop for other colours, shapes, and textures to play upon, and warm neutrals are set to be favoured over cooler tones.

skinny format tile trend ribesalbes cersaie 2019
Ocean Petal Pink, Green, and Light Grey (75x300mm)
Reclaimed Terracotta from Claybrook


Wood-look tiles are looking to be even more popular in 2020, from the cool-toned Scandi-chic rustic planks, to warm hued traditonal timber. Sticking with the natural theme, marble, and various other precious stones, are maintaining their popularity as a classic and elegant choice. Combining materials also seems to be becoming more and more popular as materials are made and fused together to create impossible surfaces. Continued development in manufacturing methods means there are endless options when it comes to relief tiles and those pieces offering a third dimension are growing in popularity as consumers become bolder with their decor.


There seems to be a consensus on the fact that taking traditional tiles and making them appear new with different and varied layouts will be seen all over in 2020. Subway tiles are getting a new lease of life, being remixed into pastel shades and laid vertically, whilst placing tiles in a herringbone format is set to be more popular than ever, adding slight interest to a classic tile look. Statement tiles are said to be an interior trend of the next year, with irregular shapes and colour combinations creating intriguing features.


A focus on geometric shapes also looks to continue into 2020. A 60s/70s spin on the designs and a boho look combine this aesthetic into a chic set of shapes to liven up any interior. As with the evident interest in wood-looks and natural stone looks, the natural theme continues with design, with foliage and flora set to prove popular across the board.

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