twist brick extension urban mesh

Twisted Brick

London based architectural design firm Urban Mesh have created an extension with a twist. Designed for the firm’s director – James Beazer – the project enabled Urban Mesh a little extra space for experimentation, and in this case it’s the humble brick receiving attention.

twist brick extension urban mesh

Taking inspiration from the terraced houses of London, the firm transformed the classic brick from a simple veneer to a staggering work of art. In the initial stages of design Urban Mesh practiced dry-stacking the bricks into the curious curved shape, and plans were produced from the result in order to test the archway joins.

twist brick extension urban mesh

Three shades of brick were used to produce a dynamic appearance that speaks of both the surrounding buildings, and the surrounding garden environment. A templated disc was used to rotate each brick into the necessary position for the structure and the final form has a fascinating and age-old appeal.

twist brick extension urban mesh
Photo Credit: Juliet Murphy Photography

The company truly thrived from having such close contact with their client, and likewise, Beazer’s involvement enabled the creation of a remarkable and unique home extension.

Urban Mesh

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