Aparici Glass (200x200mm)

Ripples, Rustica, and Relief

Ten ranges of 200 by 200mm tiles by Aparici offer some delightful variety to this standard format. Whether it’s colour pop, patchwork, or prominent relief, this selection of collections has it covered.

Aparici Glass (200x200mm)
Aparici Glass (200x200mm)

Glass has the rippled surface and appearance of thick glass bricks, offering the illusion of light filtration without the transparency. Aged, Cool, and Trend have a focus on textured patterns, each embracing delicate curved lines to produce a variety of traditional motifs in a range of colours and finishes.

Aparici Aged (200x200mm)
Aparici Aged (200x200mm)
Aparici Cool (200x200mm)
Aparici Trend (200x200mm)

A similar pattern style is found with Gatsby, although the visual effect produced is that of a tile Addict favourite, tin tiles. The metallic look designs offer both grandeur and rustic chic.

Aparici Gatsby (200x200mm)


Art and Pop are standard coloured tiles, almost interchangeable with one another. They are designed to add vivid colour to interiors, and to be used alongside artistic, retro-look decors.

Aparici Art (200x200mm)
Aparici Pop (200x200mm)
Aparici Pop (200x200mm)

Opal takes the form of 3D relief geometrics in blacks, whites, and golds, whilst Moving Wall patchwork designs embrace geometric shapes in their own way. Finally, Vanguard’s faux encaustic look complete the collections with complementary corner and edge pieces to create stunning, personalised layouts.

Aparici Moving Wall Blue (200x200mm)
Aparici Vanguard (200x200mm)
Aparici Vanguard (200x200mm)
Aparici Vanguard (200x200mm)


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