Texture, Layout, and Zellige

Taking a break from traditional layouts, adding texture, and enjoying the hand-made chic of zellige tiles were all identified as being hot trends in 2020. At Cevisama it wasn’t hard to see them coming into affect.

Harlem from Natucer tile trend 2020
Harlem from Natucer

Standard formats still maintained prevalence, and it’s now a common site for them to be presented in a vertical or stack layout. These arrangementss can really alter interior appearances, adding the illusion of height or width, and providing an undeniable look of modernity. For example, Peronda‘s Harmony made great use of alternate layouts with their vertical and basket weave presentations for Dyroy, Niza, and Bow by Mut.

All kinds of textures could be found at the show, from the geometric 3D relief designs of Azuliber‘s Paula and Nexo‘s Geometric, to the elegant foliage of Keraben‘s Luxury.

Luxury from Keraben

Other companies created intricate embossed decors such as Aparici‘s Uptown and Dune‘s Lucciola, whilst raised central relief tiles appeared to be back in favour with examples including Itaca‘s Piaza ranges and Tempo from Vernís.

The one texture style companies couldn’t get enough of was the hand-crafted, organic-looking Zellige. These tiles have been picked out as an increasing trend by multiple sources, and the simple yet atmospheric impact they provide makes it clear to see why consumers are loving them. Peronda’s Sahn collection demonstrated the ease with which Zellige tiles can offer a calm, warm, yet still unique surface.

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