Fire Rosso from Apavisa tile trend 2020

Cevisama Curiosities

As with Cersaie, we have not only sought out the trends and fashions of the tile world at Cevisama, but also had some fun collecting some of the more intriguing designs. Among these curiosities are a few recurring themes, such as the prevalence of strokes, splatter, and all things paint. Although hand-painted and artisanal tiles have been all the rage for the past few years, this style leans even more to the artistic.

Fluid from Apavisa tile trend 2020
Fluid from Apavisa

Apavisa‘s Fluid is a show-stopping sight, taking on the visual impact of water marbling, combining neutrals with punchy bright oranges, deep reds, and vibrant blues, and producing enormously impactful slabs. Their cotto collection Fire Rosso also makes use of the melding of colours in their paint-drip Decor which juxtaposes long streaks of whites, reds, blues, and greens against the deep bronze of Fire Rosso.

Fire Rosso from Apavisa

Apavisa wasn’t the only company to incorporate some paint-effects as notably Itaca‘s Piaza Lumber also features rough brush-strokes and a canvas-look surface despite the range’s smooth finish.

Piaza Lumber from Itaca tile trend 2020
Piaza Lumber from Itaca

Faded and aged effects have been popular for some time although for some at Cevisama it was not the tile design that was made to look well-worn, but the tiles themselves. Ceramica Rondine presented their Pompei range, a series of slabs in varying shades of grey that have been designed to look like a centuries old tiled floors that have only just about stood the test of time.

This used and loved look was also found at Tile Addict’s favourite stand of the show, Mainzu. Their Ricordi Venezziani collection showcased a simple mix of plain coloured aged tiles in Bianco, Azurro, Cream, and Nero, and their corresponding decors in faded faux encaustic style designs.

Ricordi Venezziani Cream and Azurro from Mainzu tile trend 2020
Ricordi Venezziani Cream and Azurro from Mainzu

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