Weaving and Panelling

Continuing our look at some of the mini-trends from Cevisama are two that lean towards the old-fashioned, replicating classic materials with ceramics. Tile textures have been all the rage for the past few years with companies exploring what can be done, and tactile surfaces adding an enticing element to interior design. At this year’s show there was one such surface that was especially appealing – weave-effects.

Weave-look from Aparici tile trend 2020
Weave-look from Aparici

A few companies experimented with what could be achieved with this look, including most notably Aparici who had quite a few woven styles on show. A multitude of stitches were utilised in their designs with a focus on black and dark ‘threads’

Weave-look from Aparici tile trend 2020
Weave-look from Aparici

Various other pieces including Ash Lekue and Anthracite Moon also feature this weave-effect. These decors incorporate the textured surface over their natural neutral stone-looks, adding veining and shade variation for further intrigue.

Coloronda also included elements of weaving in their tapestry inspired designs. These traditional-looking patterns are extremely visually textured, owing to the varied appearance of each coloured element.

Along with the traditional appearance of weave-look tiles was an array of panelling-style displays. Saloni‘s Duran Evas Arena and Ceniza combined stone-looks with elegant leaf designs, ribbed relief and gold/metallic accents.

Duran Evas Arena and Ceniza from Saloni tile trend 2020
Duran Evas Arena and Ceniza from Saloni

Other companies produced a more standard panelling look with two distinct sections separated by a highly decorative listel. Aparici achieved this with a plain marble-look panel combined with a decorative blue marble and a gold feature whilst Newker combined Tevere Gloss Dark and Tevere Gloss Sand with Tevere A & B Multi to produce this regal wall decor. Z Tevere Multi takes the design to an even higher plane of decoration, providing a second level of listel.

A slightly different take on panelling was presented by Platera who embraced the delicate floral theme with these wallpaper style slabs. Passione offers both a plain white tile and a decorative striped pink flower pattern. Despite the variation between this design and the other panelling-style offerings, it seems this traditional look is potentially set for a come-back.

Passione by Platera

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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