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Creating collections that enable some level of customisation is becoming something of a necessity for today’s interior design. Variations in shape, size, and colour that can be combined in a large range of layouts ensure a level of harmony in spaces. Gigacer‘s Concept 1 enables this level of continuity, providing surface options for all kinds of needs: for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as walls, floors, and furniture.

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Concept 1 thicknesses range from 6mm to 24mm, and formats vary from the larger 1,200 by 2,500mm to the smaller 300 by 600mm, and mosaics as tiny as 100 by 100mm. Five surface finishes ensure greater variety with organic-look texture from Bocciardato, geometric shapes in Texture Mat and Texture Levigato and standard finishes from Levigato and Mat.


The natural shades of Milk, Stone, Ash, Land, and Ink have a rich earthy warmth, with each tone complemented by the variety of surface textures. Platinum, Flame, Red, and Turquoise add a further dynamic element to the collection with a bold colourful glow that fits keenly with the base tones.


Their 12mm slabs are ideal for worktops and can be utilised like natural stone due to the through-body appearance of the material, allowing edges to be fully customised, rounded, and refined whilst maintaining the properties of porcelain stoneware. A bush-hammered surface similar to split stone is also available in 12 mm thickness multilayer.


The full scope of possibilities with Concept 1 can hardly be overstated, as it provides not only style and variety, but also long-lasting, hygenic, and reliable coverings. Incorporating textural relief elements is very much on trend, and combined with the other items in the collection adds delightful dynamism. Additionally, the varition on surface finishes enables the use of one colour in interiors, offering visual intrigue,  but without compromising on continuity.


Though predominantly provided in larger formats, smaller cuts can be included in the tiles to create a range of possibilities. The pieces offered in Concept 1 are easy to clean, hygienic, antibacterial, resistant to high temperatures, oils and forceful shocks.


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