Pieces of Paradise

Basque recycled glass mosaic company Reviglass have produced a glistening and luxurious new selection. Paradise Stones is based on a palette of natural colours with additional charm offered by organic textures and patina.

PA-03 Zafiro

The electric blue of PA-03 Zafiro provides a visual punch of vibrancy, a rich deep blue to create pools as lively as the ocean and as vivid as lava. This same blue can be found in PA-05 Blue Bali combined with the metallic green/copper squares that feature in PA-06 Green Bali and PA-04 Sandy Bali. Adding these earthy tones it presents a suggestion of nature, be it the appearance of a forest canopy, or in looking down through clear water. The effect is extremely calming and captivating.

PA-02 Jade

PA-01 Aquamarina and PA-02 Jade have a similar appearance, although only mix one small range of tones, rather than combining them with blues or blacks. The inspiration offered by nature is clear throughout the collection with PA-07 Deep River’s inky greens and glistening gold, PA-08 Natural Creek’s bursts of blue and silver segments, and PA-09 Sandstone’s rich orange sandy tones and variety of dark and light textured tiles.

PA-10 Turquese Lagoon uses the speckled textures found in many of the designs with a slightly lighter selection of blues. Paradise Stones is a wonderfully apt name for this selection of designs and we hope it’s not too long until a sense of normalcy can allow individuals to add an element of paradise to their own homes.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2020.

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