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Injecting colour into formerly drab office spaces has been known to bolster the moods and wellbeing of workers. In Broadgate’s 1 Finsbury Avenue Square in London, a refurbished 1980s public space/office building is now home to a punchy burst of colour.


The architecture firm who spearheaded the project, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, incorporated an expressive use of vibrant colours throughout the building, including coloured stairways, furniture, and an eyecatching ‘1FA’ installation above the entrance. But the star of the project is the central cafe masterminded by British designer Morag Myerscough.


Known for her lively installations and powerful use of colour, her signature style is entirely at home in 1 Finsbury Avenue. The playful cafe is clad in bespoke ceramic tiles in a joyful celebration of yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and purple, contrasted with black and white stripes.

Photo credit: Gareth Gardner

The tile arrangements used are reminiscent of Victorian geometric tile patterns, whilst the stripes evoke a similar reference to the era, be it from our familiarity of striped stockings, or of revisionist Steampunk styles from the modern day.

Photo credit: Gareth Gardner
Photo credit: Gareth Gardner

The top of the cafe is home to an abundance of greenery, with potted plants offering natural comforts, and an homage to Victorian public parks. Six lolly-pop style ‘suns’ top the structure, radiating yet more joyful colour which is further mimicked in the surrounding seating areas.

Morag Myerscough
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Gareth Gardner

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