Plumage and Flora

Ceramic and porcelain tile specialists BottegaNove have a knack for textured relief tiles. Inspired to innovate and branch out from the norm Christian Pegoraro focuses on designs that offer effortless modernity whilst remaining steeped in a rich tradition of ceramic craftmanship.

Looking through the company’s collections it is difficult to select a favourite as each offer a distinct personality and unique attributes. However two designs, one from Cristina Celestino and the other from Chiara Andreatti, stand out as a starting point to share and explore.

Andreatti’s Flora is a curious combination of organic vegetation-like forms and folded paper fans. An exploration of nature, Flora takes a look at the root of life, with a modern reimagining of leaf structures and veins with 3D textures provided with the use of refractory clays and sand. With a desire for the unique and imperfect Andreatti’s designs, complete with manually applied glazes and crystallines, give insight into the natural world, reflecting it with an acute sense of style.


Cristina Celestino’s Plumage has a similar visual impact, reinterpreting the feather with a modern flair. The unique curved shapes are ribbed and scored creating the recognisable pattern and offering an intriguing base for decoration. Two designs are offered, one squat and rounded and the other more elongated. Each collection is offered in a ceramic with handmade decoration, as well as a Limgoes porcelain dyed in the clay. The mosaics come on a 300 by 300mm mesh back, and a large range of designs can be achieved with a variety of colours and layouts.



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