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This year marks the 110th anniversary of marble company Del Savio. Originally specialising in the production of Terrazzo and Palladiana floorings, Del Savio extended its production to manufacture marble for additional purposes including furnishings progressively broadened its industrial production and nowadays manufactures marble for different purposes, such as furnishings, various types of coverings, and items for the construction industry.

The company is firmly rooted in the local mosaic and terrazzo tradition of Pordenone and today continues this through its use of fine materials and highly skilled artisans. The incorporation of high-tech equipment has enabled a freedom of design that brings together modernity with cultural heritage.

In a series of collaborations, Del Savio presents nine collections, three from each designer, which collectively utilise ten different marbles. With the Zanellato/Bortotto studio homage is paid to traditional Palladian flooring, a style characterised by its irregularly-cut stone patchwork. The veined marble is broken up with coloured concrete in three designs for Opus Certum. Dot utilises a singluar colour contrasted with the concrete whilst Vague takes a similar approach but groups stones in sections creating a gorgeous visual effect. Optic’s lines break up the marble, creating a striped pattern on stones of various shapes.

In Eidola, designed by Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer, pastel marbles are combined with circles and lines creating visual effects in three distinct styles; Icon, Vision, and Myth. Dark greens stand out amongst pale pinks and marbles with faint green lines. The collection has a definite softness that is found amongst the hard material.

Standard Geometries is the final collaborative collection, designed by Lebanese interior and art design studio David/Nicolas. This range of designs takes its inspiration from three ‘standard’ forms – triangles, squares, and diagonals. Each contrasts the shapes against marble creating both subtle decor and powerful pattern play.

Del Savio 1910

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