Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Dulux recently released their 2021 colour of the year – Brave Ground. Selected as a “shade that connects back to nature and the simple things” a trend seen a few times in colour of the year selections, reminding designers and consumers alike about the importance of the natural world.

In the spirit of the tumultuous and transformative year that 2020 has been, this “warm, earthy tone… …creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home”. Brave Ground offers a basis for a new lifestyle, helping individuals focus on what is important to them with calm and positivity.

Dulux has produced four colour palettes to accompany Brave Ground and to create distinct aesthetics and moods to inspire home transformations. Firstly, Timeless Tones “to create a balanced backdrop for entertaining”. Mixing warmer yellow and brown shades such as sand and copper add a welcoming air that is positive and calming.

Timeless colours

Secondly Dulux suggests combining Brave Ground with bold pinks and reds. Pops of colour throughout the home are always welcome, adding a vivacious energy to spaces. However sometimes they can be used in stark contrast with neutrals like black and white often making the colours a little more jarring than decorative. Brave Ground’s warmth enables pinks and reds to marry with one another, producing a harmonious, yet lively space.

Expressive colours

A more relaxing interior can be found by mixing Brave Ground with the following complementary shades – “soft browns, greys and neutrals”. These create a space that is both earthy and light.

Trust colours

Finally Dulux suggest utilising their Earth shades to connect even more with nature, using “a colour that echoes the fabric of the earth” alongside blues and greens enforces a touch of tranquility and encourages inner peace.

Earth colours


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