Nautical Nok

This summery collection is the work of Peronda Group brand Harmony. Nok is described as paying “tribute to tradition” with its tone an appearance. The sandy shades are varied and visually textured, with a look of the handmade.

The decors that work alongside the warmth of the tiles offer roughly and randomly coloured sections in white and blue with a matt-gloss effect. They’re subtle and slightly nautical with a strongly seaside feel that is wonderfully decorative.

Nok’s undeniable charm comes in a 200 by 400mm format with faux joints simulating smaller 100 by 100mm or 50 by 200mm tiles. The colour helps natural light dance, providing an airy and welcoming feel.

Peronda Group

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2020.

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