Five autumnal tiles that celebrate fall

The warm and rich colours of autumn are perfect to create a cosy interior. Not only are the earthy tones extremely trendy, they offer an immediately recognisable atmosphere that welcomes the beginning of festivities. To celebrate this time of year we have compiled a selection of tiles that reflects this stylish season.

1. ExCinere from Formafantasma and Dzek

Perhaps an unsual pick for autumn tile favourites, these volcanic ash glazed tiles make the list for their unique texture and shades. Inspired by Mount Etna, those at Formafantasma have been explore the design potential of volcanic lava since 2010 with this final result offering a selection of tiles that have a delightfully organic appearance with varied texture and earthy colours.

2. Leaf Mosaic Tiles from MacMillan Amies Studio

These tiles are more than just mosaics. Individual leaf designs in varying reliefs and shapes offer a surface decoration like no other. Fantastically intricate with freedom of colour, tone, and shape, these autumnal designs are the ideal addition for a home in need of subtle embellishment.

3. BBQ’d tiles from Granby Workshop

The smoky look resulting from the firing process gives these tiles unmistakable bonfire appeal. With browns and greys dancing in ethereal whisps across the clay, the earthy tones are warm and enticing. These unique pieces, each like a fireside photograph, are the perfect complement to the changing of the seasons.

bbq tiles from Granby

4. Haveli by Neisha Crosland

This is one of our favourite collections thanks to the stunning marriage of texture, tone, and motif. Each hand-painted and hand-crafted tile uses lines, dots, and colour to create atmospheric richness and incredible layers of beauty. The richness in the tones and the warmth provided by their artisanal creation make their autumnal beauty unmatched.

5. Foresso

Another unsual choice, but selected for good reason. The composite material created by combining offcuts and sawdust from British manufacturing with a 0% VOC resin cast has flecks of wooden charm throughout with a dramatic variation in atmosphere provided by the resin shade chosen. The darker Charcoal Mono gives a richer autumnal vibe of darkness in the early evening, whilst the lighter Bianco Mono or Ivory Duo are reminiscent of scattered leaves and cool mornings.

Charcoal Mono

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