The Giant’s House

23 years ago Artist and Horticulturist Josie Martin began creating what is now a highly significant New Zealand attraction – The Giant’s House. Once heralded as “the happiest garden on earth”, colour, whimsy, and creativity is abundant throughout.

Blending vegetation with art, the space is undeniably joyous – a celebration of life in all its forms. Now a Garden of International Significance (NZGT) with 6 stars, The Giant’s House with all its mosaics, sculptures, artwork, and ceramics is a unique experience to be enjoyed by all, Tile Addicts and non-Tile Addicts alike.

It’s a place to fully explore, with treasures such as a mosaic grand piano bursting with life and a large grounded ship to be found. It’s a little trip down the rabbit hole, with strange figures dancing or hanging about and curious creatures at every turn.

Read more about the exuberant artist here.
Images from Exploring my own backyard.

The Giant’s House

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