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Five places where mosaics reign supreme

The magic of mosaics is that they can go anywhere; over bends and cracks, across walls and floors, covering statues, furniture, doors, and more. It’s no wonder that mosaics are often the material of choice when creating a fully immersive space that is head-to-toe-decor, and the sheer variety and demonstration of artistry is why we have selected a few places that have taken full advantage of the freedom mosaics afford.

Isaiah Zagar’s The Magic Gardens of South Philadelphia
Isaiah Zagar’s The Magic Gardens of South Philadelphia

1. The Giant’s House

This whimsical New Zealand garden effortlessly flows from nature and art. Statues, ships, and a fully mosaicked piano all feature amongst the lawns and hedgerows with a bold abundance of colour playfully engaging visitors. Read more about it here.

2. The Mosaic Tile House

Located in Venice, California, this house is the creative work of couple Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran. Both inside and outside their home there is a vast lanscape of colour with each addition organically flowing from the next. Read more about it here.

3. Fusterlandia

This fantastical space outside Havana, Cuba, is the work of mosaic master José Rodríguez Fuster. Starting with his own home, Fuster began to cover the surface with mosaic motifs, eventually moving on to neighbouring properties, and spreading out across the town. Now home to a huge number of iconic images, Fusterlandia is one of the world’s greatest examples of the magnificence of mosaic. Read more about it here.

4. Vincent City

In the traditional setting of Guagnano in Italy stands Vincent City, where Orodè Deoro was comissioned to design and craft a blanket of mosaics for artist and eccentric Vincent Brunetti. Sculptures and memorabilia punctuate the mosaic coating, created to reflect the inner vibrancy of Brunetti himself. Read more about it here.

5. The Magic Gardens

Although the marvellow mosaics of Isaiah Zagar can be found all across Philidelphia, it’s the Magic Gardens where the full impact of mass mosaics is experienced. Utilising materials of all kinds, Zagar’s Magic Gardens make use of items from bicycle wheels to bottles forming motifs and decor to enjoy with awe. Read more about it here.

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