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Loopy Luna Parc

From the Giant’s House in New Zealand to the colourful neighbourhood of Fusterlandia outside Havana, Cuba, sprawling mosaic make an impact all across the globe and today’s totally-tiled treat is no different.

In the Northwestern woods of New Jersey sits Luna Parc; over six acres of artistry and detail. Home to multimedia artist Richard Boscarino, this unique space has been designed and developed since 1989. Countless mosaics and 3D figures feature throughout creating a bizarre world to get lost inside of.

Both indoors and out are decorated with misplaced objects and reinvented materials. An old school cabinet of curiosities displays many worldly wonders, both gruesome and surreal.

The Famous Bathroom | Photo credit: Amy Rudd

In the gardens fantastical sculptures and curious details mark their way across the site. Mosaics in their ordinary form are matched with unusual ‘tesserae’ including license plates and bowling balls, whilst an impressive collection of over 20,000 bread tabs sit in jars, waiting to be transformed into art.

The Kitchen | Photo credit: Amy Rudd

Only open on a few select days a year, Luna Parc is a rare sight in many ways, whilst Boscarino’s equally unusual art can be found on his site year round.

Luna Parc

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