Freeform Freehand

We love seeing companies get creative with mix-and-match. With so many layout options, aesthetics, and stylistic variations in pattern, colour, and texture there is a huge quantity of designs out there. Some are good, some are bad. Some are interesting, and some are predictable.

Free Hand Decor

Iris Ceramica‘s Freehand is both good and interesting, taking a watercolour approach, mixed with abstract shapes, decorative lines, and brush strokes. The plain colours in Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, and White are all visually textured with shade variation and an aged patina.

Freehand Black
Free Black and Free Yellow

Three decor options – Flor Decor Cold, Flor Decor Warm, and Free Hand Decor – each have a delightful character of their own. Both Flor Decors have a definitively floral inspiration, with leaf shapes, stems, and petals. Warm reds and yellows mix beautifully with inky blues and greens for a uniquely summer-like feel in Flor Decor Warm, whilst Flor Decor Cold offers a slightly spooky styling in greyscale.

Flor Decor, Free Green, and Free Blue
Flor Decor Warm and Free Brown

Free Hand Decor is a simple scattering of abstract lines and crosshatching with a subtle dash of yellow and peach. They work well with the faux worn plain colours, giving an artistic edge that works in both contemporary and more traditional settings. The tiles are all 200 by 200mm with a glossy finish.

Iris Ceramica

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