Five fantastic patterned tile collections

There are really too many to choose from, but we’ve done our best to pick out some outstanding designs. From artist collaborations, to keen designer creations, to all-round awesome work, we’ve selected five fantastic patterned tile collections that are sure to make a statement anywhere.

1. Araldica by Federico Pepe for CEDIT

This range is really something special. Fantastically unique and incredibly hypnotising, these water-marble look large format slabs in contrasting colours offer a powerful decorative option for interiors. The geometric decors are phemonenal features, adding psychedelic style with a touch of class.

Araldica Base Azzurro and Blasone Azzurro large format slab collection new federico pepe cedit florim
Araldica Base Azzurro and Blasone Azzurro
Araldica Base Corallo and Triangoli Corallo large format slab collection new federico pepe cedit florim
Araldica Base Corallo and Triangoli Corallo
Araldica Base Corallo and Triangoli Corallo

2. Haveli by Neisha Crosland

So much richness and warmth is found amongst this range. With six designs and a large selection of earthy colours, Haveli creates a powerful patchwork of pattern that celebrates the many facets of inspiration that helped bring it to life. The subtly distressed finish adds another layer of personality to this highly characterful range.

Haveli by Neisha Crosland
Haveli by Neisha Crosland terracotta tiles hand painted
Haveli by Neisha Crosland

3. Mattonelle Margherita by Nathalie Du Pasquier for Mutina

This vast collection is made up of 41 hand-designed patterns, within which lives 27 graphics and 6 plain designs. The retro-feel colour palette encompasses 70s style greens and oranges, as well as bold reds and muted blues. Huge scope for creativity and individual style is found amongst the large selection of designs.

Wall: Black Green, Stripes, Point, Frame Terracotta. Floor: Black Green.
Wall: Marghe White, Frame Black, Marghe Half White, Marghe Half Black, Line. Floor: Petals, Line. Margherita Paint: Sand Matt.

4. Chimera by Elena Salmistraro for CEDIT

This collection is home to four distinct themes – Empatia, Radici, Ritmo, and Colore – which each offer a range of striking motifs on large format slabs. A retro/Art Deco appeal is present amongst the themes, with the use of marble, geometric shapes, and play on curvature and symmetry.

Decoro colore bianco
Decoro radici beige
Decoro empatia bianco

5. Soda by Daria Zinovatnaya for Ceramica Bardelli

This delighful mix of 16 different dΓ©cor tiles adds a curious reimagined modern retro look to interiors. With three colour families (Soda 1– a combination of soft, dusty pink and blue and neutral black, white, and ivory, Soda 2– blues, greens, and greys, and Soda 3– browns and beige) each providing something of a vintage colour palette, and with shapes and patterns playing on elements of Futurism and Neoplasticism, an awesome aesthetic is created.

Soda 1
Soda 2
Soda 3

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