Trendy Tones for 2021

Although interior decoration is a personal thing, certain events and happenings can skew popular opinion, leading to trends. Bold, characterful use of colour has been popular for the last few years, steering away from calm, neutral, greyscale interiors. However colour pops are still set to be big in 2021, and one half of Pantone’s Colours of the Year has launched grey back into favour. But there are some additional shades to watch this year, offering comfort and calm after 2020’s awful outcome.

Melrose Sage Porcelain from Mandarin Stone

Warm Neutrals

Bringing back beige and almond tones is this year’s fashion for warm neutrals. A perfect partner for both bright colours and understated shades, these warm hues provide a touch of balance. Inducing feelings of reliability, relaxation, and neutrality, warm neutrals offer the humble beginnings of recovery.

Dusty Blue

Last year Pantone offered Classic Blue as it’s Colour of the Year, but coming into 2021 these blues are slightly muted, with grey undertones and a mature richness. An ever-popular colour, blue invites a tranquil mind and provides serenity, both much needed states after and during the pandemic.

Going for Green

Bringing the outside in is still popular with interior design, refreshing spaces and adding the essence of vegetation, freedom, and organic expanse to the inside. Pale greens offer a lively neutral base, whilst olive greens add layers of intrigue. Said to represent health and good luck, we can only hope that in 2021 those things come.

Wine Tones

Rich reds, browns, and deep purples are set to be popular, with their warmth offering interiors the feel of comfort that individuals have desperately needed in the last 12 months. With links to passion, love, and energy, these deep characterful tones not only wrap their welcoming arms around the home, they also invite positivity and celebrate what we have.

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