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Although it’s ceramic and porcelain that we tend to focus on here (and occasionally weird and wonderful innovative materials), we can’t ignore awesome design when we see it, especially if it’s still technically tile. And today it’s wood that’s getting the spotlight.

Wind Spirit (from Matter of Stuff)

Luxury interior expert Fameed Khalique recently added to his range of surfaces this year with a variety of Engineered Wood Tiles, and that’s how we came across Habito. Founded by Giuseppe Rivadossi, Habito are solid-wood specialists who craft spectacularly unique items of furniture, whole kitchens, and fantastic wooden tiles (or more accurately, boiseries).

Giuseppe Rivadossi

Made of Italian walnut and linden wood, the tiles are each handmade with a plane or gouge cut to achieve delightful 3D textures and undulating waves. The chosen woods are durable and hard-wearing, ensuring this stunning design choice is sustainable and offers longevity. Each item is crafted to celebrate the chosen surface, with hand-carved patterns emphasising the beauty of nature over precision and uniforminty.

Not only for walls, these intricate designs can be formed into a raft of furniture items and bespoke interior solutions. For those in the UK Matter of Stuff is the place to go for all your Habito needs.

Matter of Stuff
Fameed Khalique

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