Solus Sets the Sixties Scene

We’re travelling through time with this Solus collection that radiates retro energy. Sixties takes the most iconic shapes and colours – playing with curves, geometry, and psychedelica – to produce a fantastically old school selection.


Eight colours, each named after popular singers and groups from the 60s, span a muted palette. Four neutrals from white to black (Kinks, Lulu, Byrds, and Tremeloes) work alongside three brown vairants (Hollies, Fontana, and Garfunkel) and one pale blue (Darin).


The matt, tonally varied surfaces of each of the plain tiles provides a touch of earthiness and rawness that subtly mutes and tones down the shades, whilst simultaneously offering the illusion of nature and age.


As for the eight patterns, all similarly named in reference to the music of the time, each offer something of the sixties in varying amounts. Two simple hexagonal motifs in black and white (Dakotas and Monkees) are the most subtle of the designs, although still offer a huge amount of presence and retro charm. The same could be said for the decors Donovan and Beatles.


Creating a powerfully 60s vibe with their shapes and shades are Merseybeat, Fourmost, Yardbirds, and Animals whose vintage vibe speaks for itself. All of the Sixties porcelain tiles come in a 300 by 300mm format with a matt finish. They can be used on both floors and walls for a fully atmospheric walk back in time.

Solus Ceramics

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2021.

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