Five companies to keep an eye on II

Last month we shared the first five of our companies compiled to keep an eye on, but we still have plenty to share. We’re not content just picking five from such a large and exciting list, so today we’ve chosen five more.

Pink Bolonia Tile

1. G. Vega

It is no secret that we are huge fans of this small Marbella based company. Their large range of handmade, hand-painted ceramic tiles has to be seen to be believed. Each item is intricately crafted and beautifully designed, allowing individuals to have a special, unique piece of art in their home, and thats even without taking full advantage of their bespoke service.

2. Bert & May

From their encaustic creations to their reclaimed collection, this relatively young Spanish company has been sharing design delights since 2004. Initially focused on selling reclaimed tiles, Bert & May branched out into the artisan world in 2010 and now offer a whole host of stunning tiles from traditional terracotta to curated cement.

Reclaimed Terracotta

3. Balineum

A company dedicated to helping craft the most beautiful bathrooms, Balineum sources and designs the most beautiful items one could need to create a restroom oasis. Predominantly celebrating classic design, their collections include speckled terrazzo, artisanal decor pieces, and made-to-order Haley Tube Lined tiles.

Terrazzo II

4. Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum

Founded in 1572, Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum is one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. Specialising in ceramics, their knowledge has grown over centuries and they now focus their energy looking for contemporary solutions to architectural and design problems. One area they excel in is glaze work, and with continued investment in traditional production processes, their glazes are some of the finest around.

Green Blue

5. Elisa Passino

Founded in 2019 by Elisa Passino, this company is already producing some incredible, trendy tiles with designs that take seriously the meeting of beauty and sustainability. The stunning collections combine shape play, colourful vibrancy, and artisanal touches to create some truly outstanding visuals.

Capitello and Esedra

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