New Looks at Claybrook

It’s been over a year since we last took a look at Claybrook so today we’re sharing three of their newest ranges, just to remind everyone how fantastic they are. First up we’ve got the latest in their enchanting Raku tiles.

Zeze Kaiyo (284x295mm)

The distinctive Japanese glazing technique first lent itself to Claybrook’s aptly named Raku range, and now the company have expanded the style into elegant mosaics with their Zeze range. Two inky surfaces with with multihued specks and edges (Sora and Kaiyo) stand out amongst the collection’s three softed shades (Bonsai, Blossom, and Orchid).

Zeze Blossom (284x295mm)

There is something effortlessly sophisticated about the chosen colours and the ultra-thin format, offering both a highly modern look with a beautiful historical charm. Each mosaic sheet comes in a 284 by 295mm format.

Kasama Yuki (296x299mm)

Second up we have Claybrook’s Kasama collection – a range with similarly elegant properties and dimensions. Made by the same craftsfolk as those who create Zeze, Kasama is slightly scaled up, with a range of three subtly contrasted whites.

Kasama Habu (296x299mm)

Making use of glaze and visual texture, Kasama’s three colours (Yuki, Kosho, and Habu) are each similar but distinct. The gentle beauty afforded by the slim mosaics is greatly emphasised by the soft white tones, perfect for a calming interior space.

Festive Ribbons Sunshine and Burgundy (130x130mm)

Lastly, and in an entirely different vein we have Claybrook’s Festive Ribbon – a small, colourful range comprised of four variations (Sunshine, Burgundy, Field, and Midnight). The simple pattern offers elements of playfulness with variety in shade afforded by the distinctive strokes of a hand-painted tile.

Designed to look like the intertwined ribbons of a Maypole, Festive Ribbon has a joyful look with simple, classic colours that can be mixed and matched for a colourful patchwork, or used independently for simple, coloured decor.


New post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2021.

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