Plihofer’s Past Projection

The fine line between tile and art is danced across once again by a creator inspired by the historical and the timeless – Eric Pilhofer. Throughout human history, depth of meaning and the transference of ideas and ideals has been found in art of all forms. For Pilhofer, it is this ancient tradition – rich with symbolism and spirituality – that shapes and guides his work.

Although his creations span varying media – notably his sculptural forms created using the time consuming but meditative practise of clay pinching – for us at Tile Addict, there are a few that fit our extended definition of ’tile’ quite perfectly.

First up is Pilhofer’s Modular Curve System. These 3D bricks in 4×5 and 10×2.5 formats offer a curious sculptural decor. Various surface designs transform the bricks into items with distinct attitudes from an antiquated cracked rock to a textured skin with curved and layout allowing the eye to rise and fall and the light to catch.

Similarly his Modular Wave System and his other Modular systems (including the Concave Convex System, Freestanding Modular Wall, and the Modular Wave Block System) create a unique visual flow that works for both light and water.

Producing something that harks back to the musings and mysticism of ancient times, Pilhofer’s Found Tablet Series takes a familiar concept and reforms and reimagines it into beautifully curious sculptures.

To demonstrate the sheer breadth of his talent we look to his works with fused glass. He has produced both plates and tiles with this method adding a colourful compenent to his archive. Festive tones and spotted motifs are the highlights of this series with each tile measuring 12×12 and working as stand-alone decorative items.

Eric Pilhofer

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