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A company focused on the creative, the material, and the process, Matter of Stuff offers a catalogue of intriguing items. From neolithic style crockery and angular homeware to modern furniture and decorative lighting, the point is always the design. As a luxury company, not only do they provide ready-to-go rarities, but also offer a beautiful bespoke service and consultancy for gifted designers and clients to come together and create.

Among their many materials and designer decor sits something just for us – an awesome array of tiles. One set of designs that stands out to us first are the colourful, swirling encaustic tiles from one of our favourite companies, Granby Workshop, a sign of good things to come.

Doria Simple Colour

Offering a nod to the past are Matter of Stuff’s Doria tiles, originally designed in 1971 by Giò Ponti for Palazzo Montedoria. These 60 by 190mm tiles are made with four different geometric reliefs for varied visuals and are offered in a selection of dappled, gloss, matt, metallic, and iridescent colours and surfaces.

Doria Flamed Effect Green

Also from former Giò Ponti designs are Inverted Diamond (a 100 by 200mm 3D surface with custom glazes available) and Diamond Tile (made by both Ponti and A. Braga for the church of Maria Annunciata).

Matter of Stuff also offer highly vaired cotto tiles with complete freedom of design and customisation in terms of shape and glaze choice, with crackle effects, vibrant tones, colour splash, speckles, and watercolour.

The collections also feature large fluted tiles by Stella McCartney, patterned decorative tiles, textured, multi-glaze pieces, and beautiful displays of mix-and-match tile finishes in a range of colours.

Matter of Stuff

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