Diverse Da Vinci

There are a lot of collections in Da Vinci‘s portfolio that we’ve really been enjoying, with some interesting takes on pattern and relief, and some curious patchwork designs. But despite the large number to share, we have selected just a few for today.

Wakame and Magma

We first saw these two collections at Cevisama last year where they sat amongst pop-culture icons. The electric green and vibrant red tones are speckled, dappled, and inky, melding into the dark metallic sheen of the base. The curious shapes and textures add an almost sci-fi feel, with looks akin to alien skin and crop circles.

A similar theme continues, with a touch more vibrancy in Wakame and Magma’s hexagonal counterparts. The glaze bleeds and blends in Wakame, whilst the metallic elements reflect light even brighter for Magma.

Joyful and Vivaz

These two collections are both a fantastically tactile take on patchwork tiles. Joyful offers dusty pastels with carnivalesque geometric shapes with 3D relief and a central depression. Vivaz takes a similar shape and offers a more mature palette complete with spots and block-colours.

Noon and Sunset

These simple hexagonal designs offer dappled surfaces, and worn, organic looks. Noon’s striped motif mixes with the tonally varied base, whilst Sunset combines various hues for a mix-and-match hexagonal patchwork in a select few sophisticated shades.

Ceramica Da Vinci

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