Eggshell Elegance

From bone to tobacco, and shells to bamboo, Nature Squared is the place to go for luxury goods made from unusual materials. Last year we focused on their fantastically beautiful furniture pieces featuring sea shells in many forms, and today we’re looking at an entirely different sort of shell – eggshell.

Sourced from local bakeries and farms, the eggshells used by Nature Sqaured are a byproduct of the food industry, and one that is extremely plentiful. To create varied looks, the shells are roasted and coloured and formed into various patterns. The result is a range of textures in snakeskin and crackle effects.

The skill of working with eggshells comes from East Asia, where it is an important heritage craft. Similar to a mosaic, the cracked eggshells work as tesserae, with each piece inlaid by hand to create spectacular works of decor.

Nature Squared use these eggshell textures to produce unique items of furniture and surface coverings, with four distinctive looks – Snakeskin White, Snakeskin Burgundy, Snakeskin Black, and Ostritch Eggshell Close Crackle.

Nature Squared

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